Whether you paint, sculpt, photograph, write, indeed use any medium, world wide, year round...

365 offers members...

  • ● the chance to upload a daily piece of work●
  • ● themes to follow, should they prefer to work within a given framework/mutual context●
  • ● a virtual 'gallery space'●
  • ● a place for discussions●
  • ● the chance to take part in international group exhibitions (SCDC)●
  • ● the opportunity to share their skills●
  • ● Symposiums to attend●
  • ● the possibility to advertise their events/exhibitions●

365 Current Theme - Refugee

365 Refugee Theme

War, persecution and economic hardship have forced people to cross national boundaries, leaving everything and everyone they know, for a totally uncertain future.

Add to that, the consequences of climate change, increased drought and famine , it is for sure, that in terms of migration, we are witnessing at this at this point in time, what is likely to be ‘the tip of the iceberg’.

We are intrigued by whichever view or angle on the subject 365ers wish to adopt, and whatever medium you choose to portray it.

Greta Berlin 365 member

'Working on my own and having an audience was perfect for me.'

Greta Berlin

Greta Berlin 365 member portfolio piece

365 Moments Features

Save your ideas and work on your very own online creative space utilising given themes.

Network and connect with likeminded individuals for potential collaborations

Upload and exhibit your photos, videos, text, audio, paintings, sculptures, in fact any original piece in any medium to 365, an online creative portfolio / ideas board

Share your Artwork / media accross all your favorite social networks

Join the Artistic Collective, become a Stray Dog.

Stray Dog Productions

‘Stray Dog’ was a meeting place for writers and poets during the early 20thC in St. Petersburg. They managed to keep the venue open against all odds within Stalinist Russia.

Under the situation, they considered themselves ‘Stray Dogs’ shunted aside by society.

As a tribute to the work, energy and courage of those artists, ‘Stray Dog’ is used as the ‘umbrella’ name for events produced from and out of 'The Jam Factory’.

You are invited to become another Stray Dog - Sign Up or take a look inside

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